What others have said

Our experience was so much better this time around because of your course. Instead of terror leading up to the birth, I experienced excited expectancy and I had hope and belief for an easier birth using the tools we learnt from the course. Just as you said, this birth was definitely different to my first, but it was handled so much better using the breathing, relaxation, visualisation, acupressure and positions we had practised. I definitely will be having more children and will use my calmbirth techniques again!
— Alex
What an incredible experience. We are so grateful that you were there to experience it with us. Alejandro couldn’t have done it without you. He keeps telling me you were the best support for the support person. I have no doubt that you were perfect for us. I realised that no matter what kind of birth plan we would have had, you would have been ideal in any scenario. In fact - I have no doubt that you would be the right person for anyone. We are sincerely pleased with everything you contributed to the best birth experience ever!
— Remonda & Alejandro & Baby Cruise
What can I say? Without you the birth of our daughter would have been extremely stressful. Thank you for making the experience so calm and loving
— Mark & Tamsin
My partner and I were lucky enough to have Gwen as our doula. We really appreciated Gwen’s knowledge and experience. Gwen was there the whole way through, quietly reassuring me, and was an excellent source of useful information. I especially valued Gwen’s caring calmness and her sense of compassion. I felt relaxed as soon as she arrived, and in safe hands throughout the labour.
— Kim Seman and Glen Tindall
Gwen made my task so much easier with her supportive yet casual style – it was like having a very dear friend with me. She made an obvious impact on Ali the minute she walked in, and she was great at keeping me well and involved too. She knew just when to make a shift in the way we were doing things, and she knew when to leave us alone. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
— Warren Williams
Gwen enhanced our experience by providing information whilst always encouraging us to trust our intuition and ourselves. She was always respectful of our choices and was a positive, gentle force, who created a safe and encouraging environment. We felt empowered to have the birth experience we were looking for and we feel very blessed to have had Gwen as our Doula.
— Jo and Rob Fisher
After my our first son was stillborn, our world was ripped apart. How could I ever trust my body again? That was part of the reason we made a decision to look for a Doula. Within moments of meeting Gwen, I felt her calmness. It was contagious, she was softly spoken, so gentle yet strong, she was perfect. Over the weeks, my Doula became my confidant. She helped me take the steps to begin to trust my body.
— Kristy Greenhatch
Our experience of Gwen is that she is extremely generous with herself and she seems to be really accepting of a wide range of birthing preferences and parenting choices, with no heavy views that any particular ideology was inherently better or worse, just that different things work for different people. She did not come with a pre-packaged idea of how she could best help us. Yet, when we asked for her opinion about something, she was still prepared to give it.

She was happy to do whatever made sense for us – make a cup of tea, listen, provide physical help or advice or even leave the room! Gwen really went ‘over and above’ with us. We cannot recommend Gwen highly enough. We had an overwhelmingly positive experience working with her.
— Melanie and Knut
Thanks to Gwen’s support we were able to remain at home for 10 hours and by the time we arrived at the hospital I was fully dilated and our son was born 2 hours later. She was so calm and positive and encouraged me with my self-hypnosis, so that I managed the whole birth with no drugs. She was there for the both of us and she did the washing up! We would definitely ask Gwen to doula for us with the birth of our next child.
— Rachel and Ben
The birth of my third son was an amazing empowering day! I really did not feel alone in my pain I felt emotionally, physically and spiritually supported. I highly recommend Gwen for your doula and as an angel at your side. Her quiet support was unwavering.
— Christina and Peter To