Birth stock photos – does a picture tell a thousand words?

This blog thing is pretty new to me. I am enjoying it, and I like it when all the fragments come together. The aesthetics of a blog are also important to me. It’s very satisfying to find the perfect image to accompany the piece.

Like my work, my blogs are mostly about birth, babies and parenting – nothing too unusual, and yet the available ‘stock’ photos of birth disturbingly misrepresent normal birth. It is near impossible to find realistic photos that reflect what occurs and what I see at births. I am trying to work out why…

Yes - I do get that birth is a private experience, and most women probably don’t want to put their vaginas on the internet (well, some are quite keen to, but that’s a whole other story…!).

However, with the increasing popularity of professional birth photography, I am surprised that there are not more realistic images of births out there – or even ‘fake’ photos at least trying to fairly accurately mimic ‘real’ birth scenarios.