Letter to a new mother on Mother's Day

Dear New Mother,

CONGRATULATIONS you amazing woman. 

You have just done something truly magnificent. 

You have grown a child within you, and brought them into this world. 

Extra big kudos to you if this is the first time you have done this, as you have just undergone one of life’s great transformations to become a mother. A mother has been born as well as a baby.

When I think about you, I can’t help but be flooded with memories of my own journey into motherhood.

Confessions of an almost-reformed-kinda-control-freakish mum

In ‘stereotypicalland’ Mum spends more time at home looking after babies and kids. Mum is organised, efficient – and sometimes a little bit crazy – keeping the household rolling. She will also have her way of doing things, and will often expect Dad to do things the same way. 

But alas - dads are wired differently. Their brains just don’t operate in the same way (– as ‘normal’ mum ones do!). 

I was given some good advice as a new mum. It was to expect that Dad wouldn’t parent in the same way that I would. 

And that is OK.

In fact, it is wonderful. 

This wise person strongly suggested I resist the urge to tell ‘Dad’ how to do it ‘properly’. This will be hard, she said. But you need to hold your tongue. Zip it. 

And it was hard.