Confessions of an almost-reformed-kinda-control-freakish mum

In ‘stereotypicalland’ Mum spends more time at home looking after babies and kids. Mum is organised, efficient – and sometimes a little bit crazy – keeping the household rolling. She will also have her way of doing things, and will often expect Dad to do things the same way. 

But alas - dads are wired differently. Their brains just don’t operate in the same way (– as ‘normal’ mum ones do!). 

I was given some good advice as a new mum. It was to expect that Dad wouldn’t parent in the same way that I would. 

And that is OK.

In fact, it is wonderful. 

This wise person strongly suggested I resist the urge to tell ‘Dad’ how to do it ‘properly’. This will be hard, she said. But you need to hold your tongue. Zip it. 

And it was hard.