Once a caesarean, not always a caesarean: tips for planning VBAC

So, you have previously had a caesarean and are now planning your next birth.


There is much to weigh up when considering your birth options after having a caesarean. Anyone who finds themselves in this situation will likely be looking for the best and safest option for themselves and for their baby, and will be considering whether to have a repeat caesarean or to attempt a vaginal birth after (their earlier) caesarean - commonly referred to as VBAC.

Looking at all your options can help you plan a positive birth experience. Many mums choose to have a repeat caesarean, while many other mums plan a VBAC.

So how do you make these decisions to help you plan a positive birth - whatever your chosen path is? 



Why Calmbirth® Rocks

Yesterday there was a knock at the door.

It was a Dad who had attended my Calmbirth® classes with his wife a couple of months ago.

This man was beaming.

He had come from the nearby hospital to the share the glorious news of the birth of his son.

I hugged him, and I felt my heart swell. I felt so happy to hear this news.

The birth of a baby is always wonderful news, but this one was pretty special. When I first met this couple they were fearful as their previous baby was stillborn. There were a lot of complex emotions around this pregnancy and birth.

I watched this couple bravely take steps towards planning for their birth during the classes, and I witnessed them change a little. Their body language changed, they let go of some of their fear, and they re-focussed and prepared for this birth.

By the end of the weekend they were openly sharing their story, and there was a sense of optimism about their future.

Please forgive me if I say so, but I have the #bestjob in the world.