Blessingway: a powerful and empowering celebration of an imminent birth

The upcoming birth of a baby heralds much excitment and many cultures have traditions to celebrate this. 

You will have heard of, and possibly have attended, a baby shower where, generally, female friends and relatives of the mother shower her with gifts for her baby. Other cultures focus on the needs of the mother during the later stages of her pregnancy, her transition into motherhood and her preparation for birth.

One such tradition which is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to a baby shower is a Blessingway.

A Blessingway - or Mother Blessing - draws from a traditional Navajo ceremony. The ceremony is (usually) a gathering of women - a ‘women’s circle’ - that involves a variety of rituals to honour the pregnant woman, providing love and positive energy to encourage and support her preparation for birth, and allow her to receive all the positive female energy being offered. The ceremony is designed to reflect the wishes of the mother.